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 Looking for interior, exterior, illuminated, non-illuminated standard and custom architectural signs?
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Fabricated using water-etched, photo-processed polymer laminate to acrylic panel. This method utilizes controlled heat applications for toughness. Can be specified either for interior or exterior-rated polymer materials. Integral characters & braille, raised to ADAAG and state requirements, paint finish of your choice from shop standard to PMS match. Ideal for schools, offices & hospitals.
Metal ADA
Fabricated in either alloy, magnesium or zinc, die-raised or photo-etched to produce raised-relief characters & Grade 2 Braille, surface coated from standard to custom finish of your choice. Alloy comes in 0.125" and 0.25". Magnesium & zinc comes in 0.153" - 0.25" thickness.
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Engraved Alternative
Durable, weather tolerant, this resin-core melamine laminate have surface background blasted away, thus, forming tactile characters and braille. Reversing the process can also produce non-ADA, incised & paint-filled graphics. It comes in 0.125" or 0.25" thickness. Finishes from shop standard color selection to custom PMS match. Ideal for project locations where extreme conditions are prevalent.
Sub-Processed Signs
Clear, non-glare, acrylic with digital graphics laminate to second surface, back painted field. This non-ADA series come in minimum thickness of 0.125". Finishes from shop standard color selection to custom PMS match. Ideal for any school, office or tenant space, non-ADA signage requirements.
Update EZ
We have a variety of ways to fabricate updatable sign solutions. Beginning with the popularly used low-profile, to a more intricate design utilizing any or a mix of the various ADA & non-ADA solutions. In nearly half a century experience, we continue to work with architects in putting together their sign concepts, and turn their designs into reality.
Modular Curve Extrusions
Alloy extrusions with wide selection of sizes, this modular, curved frames offers a wide range of applications and can be used with practically any kind of signage solution and is suitable with any standard substrate material like acylic, metal, paper among others. It is modern, and features "snap-on, snap-off" sign face or clear lens cover for quick updatability. It can be assembled for double-faced or even 3-sided signs. It can cover your entire wayfinding project from wall signs to building directory, from flange to ceilng-hung signs, and from free standing to post pylon signs.
You name it, this has the signage solution you can think of.
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Non-glare or matte acrylic panel, suitable for both interior or exterior applications, characters may be substrate or precision-cut, integral color or paint coated tactile, with Grade 2 raster-bead braille commonly used in school and office projects. May be ordered in industry standard thickness of 1/8" or 1/4".
Architectural Signage Solutions
We have been making signs for nearly half a century now. Over the years our shop underwent upgrades to keep up with the changing demands in the sign industry. While code standard signs are a staple in our repertoire, our business was also built to adapt to customers' personalized designs. We have the equipment to fabricate both tactile and non-tactile, plastic, acrylic, resin or metal, flat panel or curve. 
Also, ask about theraform3Form, and tempered glass alternatives. Theraform uses a thermoforming process to create a durable sign with crisp, stamp-like, uneven background surface textures. 3Form is made from environment-friendly post-recycled materials and offers a wide array of aesthetically appealing, integral background patterns that is beautifully complementing for your office & hospital projects. Tempered glass provides awesome classy appearance that are both quietly enhancing and integrating to your architectural walls' surface and finishes.
3D Desk Sign
This 3-sided, modular desk sign also functions as a paper weight. It is easily updatable with a removable lens to allow paper insert by the customer. Ideal for a 24-hour workplace where 3 people of different shifts share a desk and all that is needed is to flip the sign with the specific name on it. Comes in silver, bronze and black finishes. End caps may be aluminum or plastic.