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 Looking for interior, exterior, illuminated, non-illuminated standard and custom architectural signs?
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Commemorative Signs
Make your donor wall worth the honor it deserves. We offer dedication plaques made to your specifications. Cast or etched, we offer them in aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel or zinc. These are made available in pebble, sand, stipple or leatherette background textures, in various finishes such as simple brushed, polished, oxidized or anodized, flash bronze and specialty bronze patina for architectural cast. You can have it in standard square & rectangular, or circle & oval or any shape you want. While we have standard fonts, you may choose from your personal selection of font styles. You may add an emblem, a logo or a portrait.

We can etched in both metal or selected polished stones like limestone, granite, marble among others. The beauty about the cast and engraved metal plaques is that it is guaranteed for life! Click to check our other products.