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 Looking for interior, exterior, illuminated, non-illuminated standard and custom architectural signs?
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Tactile/ADA Signs
Signs bearing tactile characters and/or symbols, accompanied by Grade 2 Braille translation per American Council of the Blind (ACB). These signs feature minimum 1/32" raised characters or symbols and braille dots. Much recently, these were also made to conform with the requirements of the Division of State Architects (DSA).
Code Signage Solution
All our code signs are fully compliant to all applicable local, state and federal codes. Our shop has the equipment capable of fabricating both tactile and non-tactile, metal and plastic, flat surface and curved. Our signs comply with but not limited to American Disabilities Act Accessibilities Guidelines (ADAAG), Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Local, State & Federal Building codes, Local Fire Department codes, and Fire, Life & Safety Requirements, among others.
Geometric Restroom Signs
These California Title24 Access Compliance Restroom Door Symbols are standard fabrication from 1/4" MP95 acrylic substrate with back foil gender symbol(s) and International Symbol of Accessibilities where required, and paint coated background, normally in Federal Standard Blue, but may come in architecturally matching color provided it complies with at least 70% contrast. Applicable codes do not require for this sign to adhere to tactile requirements.
Evacuation Maps
Adherent to all applicable Local, State, and Federal codes on Fire Protection & Fire, Life & Safety requirements, our experienced artist digitally set artwork up either based from the Fire Department Approved Plans or by conducting a site verification. 
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Accessibility Signs
The International Symbol of Accessibility signs showing the disabled ISA logo in white on Fed Standard Blue background. Customarily comes in 6"x6" non-tactile sign with sub-surface symbol, it can also be fabricated with raised symbols and border where specified. Colors may also be matched architecturally to the color scheme of the building provided it complies with at least 70% contrast requirement.
Building Address
Our exterior building letters and address numbers have a lifetime guarantee. You can choose from a wide array of standard fontstyle or provide us with a personalized or customized artwork in vector, digital format. Please refer to our Dimensional Letters for more information on this code signage.